The Life Plan takes fitness, nutrition and wellness online. Our dynamic hub provides one complete health and wellbeing solution delivered by qualified experts. All you need to do is choose your programme, let The Life Plan team guide you through the rest! The Life Plan programmes include;

YOUR LIFE PLAN HUB – The hub is the gateway to achieving your goals. All the fitness, nutrition and wellness tools are found here, it is up to you to choose how you use them! Continue reading for a handy overview of what you can expect to find in the hub…

LIVES – Live fitness classes are easy to follow and provide great motivation to exercise! See the schedule below for the great range of live classes we offer every week. Can’t make a class? Don’t panic – each class is available in the Lives section of Your Life Plan hub for 1 week. So you have the option to complete it at a time that suits you;

  • 3 intermediate-advanced HIIT classes per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • 3 lower impact HIIT classes per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • 1 Pilates class per week (Tuesday)
  • 2 Yoga classes per week (Thursday power flow and Sunday restorative)
  • 1 meditation session per week (Sunday straight after restorative yoga)

WORKOUT PLANS – You also have a workout plan tailored to your programme. This will be in Your Life Plan hub and is broken down into 3 workouts per week. If you would rather follow this than join the live classes that is totally fine – you can take the workout cards to the gym with you, do the session at home or go to the park, it’s completely up to you and you could mix and match! Not sure how to do an exercise? No problem! The exercise library provides examples of every exercises included in The Life Plan workouts.

EXPRESS WORKOUTS – in the express workout area of Your Life Plan hub there is a selection of full body, abs, arms and leg workouts for you that are just 16 minutes long. If you’re stuck for time or fancy squeezing in an extra little session these are great!

PILATES – in addition to the weekly live Pilates classes there are express classes, how to guides on some of the commonly used movements and a couple of longer classes.

YOGA – in the hub you will find some additional yoga classes which if you need that extra yoga fix are just what you’re looking for. You’ll find 30 minute and 15 minute power flows and restorative classes to leave you feeling fantastic.

WALKING – our general wellbeing and weight loss plans have access to walking programmes to encourage aerobic activity (see energy systems blog) with reduced impact.

RUNNING – all programmes have access to a running plan be that a 0-5km plan, 0-10km or 10km time improvement plan.

The Life Plan team are proud to offer a range of classes and workout plans to suit all abilities, just like you would find at a gym! The perk of The Life Plan is that you can access all of your fitness, nutrition and wellness tools anytime and anywhere. Below is an example of a fitness regime we recommend;

  • Monday – HIIT class or workout
  • Tuesday – Pilates and/or walk or run
  • Wednesday – HIIT class or workout
  • Thursday – Yoga and/or walk or run
  • Friday – HIIT class or workout
  • Saturday – walk or run
  • Sunday – Yoga and/or walk

REST – We are not suggesting that you do a long run or hard HIIT class every day – rest is so important! And rest days mean rest days. Waking up on a Sunday and doing a gentle, restorative yoga class followed by a recovery walk is going to do wonders for your body. You are still being active but allowing your body time to recover which is when you see the benefits. Keep your eyes peeled for our blog on rest days!

The weight loss, strength & conditioning, and general wellbeing programmes each have tailored nutrition guides. There are bite sized chunks of information to arm you with the knowledge you need to make sensible food choices, enjoy a healthy, balanced diet and reach your goals. Each week a new video workshop will land in Your Life Plan hub to help you understand exactly what it is that your body needs to function optimally and fuel your lifestyle. A delicious selection of recipes is also available for members.

Wellness is so important to The Life Plan team, as such every programme has a strong wellness focus. In addition to your weekly live classes, Pilates and yoga, there is a weekly meditation session to help you take some time for yourself, become more mindful and really benefit from your programme. Our resident mental health expert also brings you a weekly video workshop about mental wellbeing. The topics cover all aspects of mental wellness from goal setting to positive mental attitude and sleep hygiene. They equip you with the skills you need to apply the principles to your lifestyle and boost your mental wellbeing.

You also have access to your progress tracker and online journal to track your journey, mood, milestones and goal achievements – a great way to stay motivated and see just how far you have come.

If you have any questions about navigating Your Life Plan hub just drop us an email!