Lydia Rowland-Greenstone

Lydia is our Trainee Counselling Psychologist (BA MSc MBPsS) and will be taking our members through a series of mental health wellness workshops. Here's a little bit about Lydia...

Since completing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy at Newcastle University, I have obtained my masters (MSc) in Psychology at Regent’s University. I am currently a trainee psychologist, in my final year of my doctorate in counselling psychology. I am a London Graduate member of the British Psychological Society and hold in-training membership within the division of counselling psychology.
I have worked in NHS, private, community and charitable settings. I have a special interest in mental health conditions and prior to starting my doctorate I spent over two-years working with individuals with severe and enduring mental health conditions. I have experience working with individuals with a range of presentations including anxiety, depression, bi-polar, psychosis and personality-disorder.
As a child, I was always intrigued in why people are the way they are. Training as a psychologist and working in mental health has been both insightful and rewarding for me. It is human nature to have good and bad days, to sometimes feel overwhelmed, to feel frustrated, conflicted or that you are struggling to cope.
Perhaps a silver lining of the current global pandemic is that we can now all understand how normal it is to sometimes feel anxious or depressed. Looking after our mental health is of vital importance. By teaming up with The Life Plan, I will bring you weekly mental health and wellbeing workshops covering concepts such as self-acceptance, growth and development, as well as focusing on understanding common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.
Whilst gaining my clinical experience I have seen how important it is to reduce societal stigma regarding mental health conditions. I work to create insight, reduce distress and promote wellbeing with every individual I work with.

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