Catherine Black

Catherine is our resident yoga and meditation expert. She will be bringing you live yoga and meditation classes every week. 

A little bit about me...

I have been teaching yoga worldwide for almost 4 years, with 300hrs of certified Yoga Teacher Training, as well extensive self-inquiry and self-study. From my training, studies and practice I have found that through encouragement & engagement of the mind we allow ourselves to feel safe in our bodies & thereby create freedom of energy & expression.

The way I teach is in a creative, intuitive and therapeutic way, using movement to connect back to the natural world and to an embodied state.

What I offer through these classes is an opening of channels and a melting of barriers, I will guide you on an artful journey into your own interior. The classes will vary, the stronger are full of soul power, drawing focus to the breath, and a connection to our cores. The softer are for gently opening, going within and recognising the subtle body. In all classes I will provide a safe and grounded container for exploration, an opportunity to practise mindful movement and time to draw awareness to the sensations in your body.

I respect that all bodies are different and have different journeys, I will hold the space for inquiry and exploration but won’t push you to go where your bodies don’t want to - my aim is to have you leave my classes embodied, with a deeper understanding of self.

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