Today we hear all about Sophie’s journey with The Life Plan over the last 12 weeks…

Why you started The Life Plan Strength & Conditioning programme?

The Life Plan programme was recommended by a friend I used to go to Boom Cycle with – we couldn’t go because of the pandemic and we were really missing the social element. We’d go in the morning and grab a coffee after and catch up. She had just started and said the workouts were on zoom, you could join with a group and work out together. We’d stay on after and chat too. It was a real community feeling and I mostly started for the social element.

How were you feeling before you started?

I came to this programme thinking running is the only way to lose weight and get fit. I was a competitive runner at school and had got trapped in the cycle of needing to track all my stats – per km split, exact distance etc. I really didn’t see exercise as something fun, it was something competitive that I felt was a chore. The Life Plan made me realise (and very quickly) that lifting weights & doing dynamic exercises changes your body faster & in a more feminine way. I’ve gone from having a runner’s body (quite square) to a more feminine shape which I see progressing weekly. 

How did you find it working out remotely? 

Working out remotely wasn’t strange, because in lockdown everything was already on video. My book club, my day to day work, even family quiz nights had gone remote! So for me, it was just a simple dial in. 

What was the best part? 

At the start of the plan, I was encouraged to take a before photo. At the time I thought, “ok take it in the morning when I’m not bloated, breathe in, tense”. Now when I look at that photo it would be me on a very very bad day, but back then it was my best day! 

I’d also say being at the beach after week 12, in a bikini & my boyfriend was taking a photo of me. Normally I’d think “sit up, hide the roll” or something similar. But I genuinely didn’t worry – I just smiled. I’ve never been someone who is comfortable in a bikini – it was freeing. I felt like “all those confident girls” I have seen before and wished I was.

How often were you working out and what were the sessions like? 

I did 3x circuit classes a week, plus one or two runs a week, a cycle or a long walk. It sounds a lot, but exercise being in your daily routine just seems natural after a few weeks. If I didn’t want to work out one day, I didn’t have to. It wasn’t a “new regime”, it was just a lifestyle.

How did you feel after a session? 

Honestly, brilliant!

Favourite workout and best piece of advice (fitness, nutrition or wellness)?

Favourite workout: the X jump, it makes me feel like a cheerleader

Favourite advice: think about what you want to achieve in the day & eat for that. If you want to smash the workout, fuel yourself for it. 

How does it fit into your lifestyle? 

It’s maximum 45 minutes so there really isn’t an excuse not to. All my best friends do it so we have a WhatsApp and just coordinate the times together and make sure we motivate each other. 

How do you feel now and will you continuing going forwards? 

I’ll absolutely continue, because I want to keep that feeling of being on the beach and feeling confident. Once you have felt the feeling of just being happy in your skin, you wont want to let it go! 

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting?

This is a sustainable, easy to implement and fun plan. As someone who has felt obligated by exercise in the past and thought of myself as a “lone ranger” in the gym, I can say that is such a warped approach. This is a plan you can enjoy and educate yourself in the process. 

Thank you so much to Sophie for sharing her thoughts and journey through her Life Plan programme with us!

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