Online fitness is the new wellbeing revolution. Say goodbye to the old ways of dragging yourself to the gym. Say hello to doing workouts in the comfort of your own home. This isn’t the only benefit of online fitness, take a look the other advantages below;

More bang for your buck

The Life Plan offers a whole host of workouts – HIIT, yoga, Pilates, express classes, running programmes, walking programmes and HIIT programmes. But we don’t stop there. We focus on physical AND mental health. This is why we have comprehensive nutrition information in addition to physio guides and mental wellbeing workshops.

Expert led

While you may have qualified personal trainers at the gym, online fitness platforms can offer a whole team of qualified experts. Did you know at The Life Plan we are all experienced experts?

Our Personal Trainer Lucy not only has a Personal Training qualification, she also has a First-Class Degree in Sport & Exercise Science and has worked with Olympic athletes. Amelia has a First-Class Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and a wealth of experience treating patients in the NHS. You can find out more about the incredible Life Plan team, their qualifications and experience on the Teams Page.

On demand

For many of us our usual routines have gone out the window. Heading to the gym before or after work is a thing of the past. Instead, online fitness offers you an opportunity to workout anywhere at anytime. Having a convenient online platform means you are more likely to create healthy habits as they are easier to implement.


Embarking on an online fitness journey may seem daunting. But The Life Plan team are here to support you every step of the way! The team are always happy to answer your questions – you can contact us by email ( or on any of our social media pages!

For these reasons online fitness is here to stay. It is a new bridge to wellness that offers so much more than conventional gyms. Are you ready to take your fitness online?