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The second of our three pillars underpinning The Life Plan is nutrition.

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Nutrition & Your Life Plan

The choices we make when it come to nutrition and diet have the power to change your life.

Nutrition works in unison with exercise to increase fitness and is vital for a healthy body and mind.


We know exercise helps improve fitness but we're quick to forget that nutrition powers our bodies and is essential to weight loss, building muscle and keeping our bodies functioning.


The amount of information can be overwhelming. Having a plan delivered to you by a Registered Dietitian, gives you accurate, up-to-date information. The Life Plan provides professional advice and tips backed by scientific evidence to optimise nutrition and health.


We all have different goals - whether it's losing weight, improving strength or simply getting a better handle on your lifestyle, your nutrition should reflect this. The Life Plan considers your goal and ensures you have the optimum nutritional guide to achieve it.

Embarking on a healthy lifestyle is made that much easier with a support network - be that your friends and family or the team at The Life Plan and its Facebook community groups. It is well know that having social support - your virtual cheerleading team - leads to greater motivation, adherence and attainment.

Nutrition broken down

The role of nutrition is paramount. It is vital that we understand the basics in order to make nourishing choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By embracing a lifestyle change, not restricting yourself to a 'diet', we're confident you'll stay on track and see results.

What do I have access to?

It's not a matter of 80% diet, 20% exercise, it is about committing to a lifestyle change and keeping a balanced diet. Our expert Dietitian will provide you with...

Nutrition basics

All the information you need to follow a healthy, balanced diet. Key nutrients are covered in detail explaining just why each is as important as the next!

Portion sizes

It’s not just what we eat but also how much. We guide you through the food groups detailing recommended portion sizes and what this means in terms of real food. 

Day-to-day nutrition

It’s often the small changes that lead to big results. This includes cooking methods, simple swaps, traffic light labels, hydration and advice on eating out.


Delicious, Dietitian-approved recipes to inspire your cooking and tickle your taste buds!

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Good nutrition and healthy eating doesn't have to be boring - far from it! The nutrition element of The Life Plan brings you tasty, fun recipes and food ideas making you healthier without even realising!

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The Life Plan fits into your life and routine to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes to boost your health and wellness. Your journey is personal to you and we are here to help and guide you on your way to success.