Kelly’s results since joining The Life Plan…

Hi, I’m Kelly, I work in media and have a pretty hectic work life so finding a way to fit exercise around my schedule is really important, and the key for me to actually doing it!

I started The Life Plan Strength & Conditioning programme when I realised that lockdown would be going on for a while… and gyms were showing no sign of opening! I find it difficult to self-motivate when it comes to working out so would always chose a class over doing my “own thing” at the gym. When I heard about TLP it sounded like the perfect solution for me during the chaos of COVID19 — I could still join classes and keep fit!

How were you feeling before you started?

I didn’t really know what to expect before I started so went into the programme quite open-minded. I only really stuck to cardio-based exercise previously (running, spinning) because I didn’t really know what else to do! I love to exercise and stay fit so was excited to start a proper work-out plan and change it up a bit!

How did you find it working out remotely?

I loved it! It probably sounds silly but there’s something wonderful about not having lug sports kit around London jumping from work to the gym, and what a luxury to be able to jump straight into your own shower after wards! Whilst we were all forced to find new ways to adapt to life at home during COVID-19, I honestly can’t imagine going back to the old ways of long tube rides to and from classes after long days at work!

What was the best part?

Being able to work out with all my favourite people at one time! We all encouraged each other and there was such a sense of team to it. I just found it a great way to spend 45 mins out of my day – escaping the WFH monotony and pushing myself in the company of my friends

How often were you working out and what were the sessions like?

I did 3 circuit classes a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Friday focused on abs and arms whereas Monday and Wednesday were full body. The classes were maximum 45 mins long, usually 3 or 4 rounds of a set of exercises put together by the girls at TLP. There were also loads of extras like yoga, Pilates, running plans – it’s great!

Favourite workout and best piece of advice?

I like lower-body exercises; squat jumps and skaters.

Best piece of advice: listen to your body. If you’re finding a workout hard, just make it through the 30 – 45 seconds of work the best you can with slower reps or more breaks. If you’re finding it easy and really enjoying it – push yourself!

How does it fit into your lifestyle?

Easily. I try and get my workouts done in the middle of the day during my lunch-break. It breaks up the day nicely and I find I work much better when I’ve done one.

How do you feel now and will you continue going forwards?

I feel great now. I really use exercise to energise myself if I’m feeling flat. I’ve even taken myself off on my holidays for a 30 min session because I just know it sets me up for the day. The circuits have really become a part of my life now so I will absolutely be continuing going forwards. I look forward to them each day, and if I don’t fancy doing it one day, I don’t. I’ve got to a great place with TLP course now so there’s no pressure or need to do the circuits – I do them because I want to and I love how they make me feel.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting?

Find a friend and join together! You’ll motivate each other to join the sessions and soon you’ll really start to see and feel the benefits. If there’s an exercise you hate – do them more. Soon you’ll be so good at them you’ll forget you hated it!

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