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We don't believe in diets.

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I was at the beach after week 12, in a bikini & my boyfriend was taking a photo of me. Normally I’d think “sit up, hide the roll” or something similar. But I genuinely didn’t worry - I just smiled. I’ve never been someone who is comfortable in a bikini - it was freeing. I felt like 'all those confident girls' I have seen before and wished I was.

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So what's included?

Whether you choose the weight loss, strength & conditioning or general wellbeing programme you have access to the following elements to support your fitness, nutrition and wellness journey.

Your Life Plan includes...


Bespoke HIIT programmes, running and walking plans as well as express workouts for if you're tight on time! Our team of instructors bring you over 300 on-demand HIIT, Pilates and yoga classes.


Nutrition advice from the basics of nutrition to cooking methods, hydration and meal planning tips, delivered by our Registered Dietitian plus a whole host of inspiring recipes.


No programme would be complete without taking into account the importance of your overall wellness. The Life Plan supports you through this journey with mental health seminars, meditation sessions, injury prevention, sleep and posture focused workshops. You can track Your Life Plan journey and monitor your progress with your personal online journal. 


The Life Plan team is here to support you every step of the way, plus our Facebook members group provides you with a community of likeminded souls to share your experiences, help and guide each other.

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The Life Plan is designed to slot into your life and help you make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes to optimise overall fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. Follow us on Instagram to see more of what we do at The Life Plan.