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One of the three pillars underpinning The Life Plan is fitness.

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Fitness & Your Life Plan

You might be asking yourself, 'how and where do I start?', which is where we come in!

Science shows how a simple regime that's accessible and easy to follow, together with support and guidance is the formula for success.


Embarking on a fitness journey is daunting but we know it's vital to our health. The Life Plan and our expert team support you every step of the way.


Just a small amount of exercise enhances your health. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Increasing your fitness has a positive impact on your mood, relieving stress and anxiety, making you feel fantastic.


Goals keep you motivated, boost momentum and track your progress. Goals are personal to you so your programme should be too. The Life Plan is tailored to support your journey making end results a reality.

We're all guilty of putting our health and fitness to the bottom of our to-do lists. Busy lifestyles get in the way of good intentions. The Life Plan seamlessly fits around you and your daily routine.

Fitness broken down

Different plans and different fitness levels need different types of exercise. As a member of The Life Plan, we've made sure you have access to varying workouts to suss out what it is that works for you to hit your fitness goal.

What do I have access to?

  • 12-week rolling workout plans - starter, intermediate and advanced HIIT plans
Over 300 instructor led classes
  • HIIT classes with our Personal Trainer, Lucy, for all fitness levels and abilities
  • Restorative and power flow yoga with Catherine
  • Pilates classes with Maddie
  • Physio led sessions and workshops
  • 0-5 and 0-10km running plans guiding you through from beginner to expert.
  • 'Zero to Hero' running plan to challenge and improve

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Read our members' stories, tips from our expert team and realise how exercise and fitness can become part of your daily routine to boost your health.

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The Life Plan is designed to fit into your busy life and help you make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes to optimise health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. We will guide and support you through your journey, every step of the way.