Exercise and diet are a winning combo when it comes to boosting productivity. But how do you strike the right balance?

We suggest that setting aside one hour each day for exercise and applying some simple principles when it comes to your diet will work wonders for both your body and mind. The endorphins released during exercise coupled with the macros, vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet will give your brain the fuel it needs to do its job properly.

Now that doesn’t mean that the hour of exercise has to be done all in one go – sometimes you might want to head out for a long walk or you might fancy a 40 minute Pilates or yoga class with a 20-30 minute run later in the day, or maybe it’s a HIIT class chased by a power walk. The point is that you can make it work for you, your schedule and your lifestyle! Being active everyday can be a brilliant tool for combating feels of lethargy, brain fog and the monotony of daily life. Making time, prioritising your exercise and diet can be a small change with huge impact.

Pairing exercise and diet is the key, so what are the dietary tips from Amelia, our Registered Dietitian?

  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet – have the right amount and the right type of each food group to fuel your exercise
  • Have five portions of fruit and veg every day – fresh, frozen, canned and dried all count
  • Try to limit foods containing added sugars and saturated fat, such as cakes, biscuits, pastries and fizzy drinks
  • Stay well hydrated – aim for a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water per day, you may need more if heavily sweating during exercise or during periods of hot weather
  • And remember to fuel your body for what you’re asking it to do – you wouldn’t drive across the country with an empty petrol tank!

A little food for thought… mindfulness.

Each week we make sure we do at least fifteen minutes of mindfulness. It is an excellent way to start off a day before getting stuck behind laptop or in the office. Why?

Mindfulness is known to help to reduce stress, improve your mood and help you to be more creative! When you have a busy day coming your way, it is important to know that you are ready to take on the day and do not have to worry about anything that might be in the back of your mind; good productivity is key to a successful day at work.

Here are a couple of simple yips to help you practice mindfulness or even mediate. Catherine hosts a weekly meditation session on The Life Plan hub for our members which gives the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness and take some time out for yourself (it is only 10-15 minutes so a super manageable amount of time to escape!).

Top tips for successful mindfulness:

  • Choose a quiet place, away from distractions
  • Try to switch off from everything playing on your mind
  • Dedicate 15 (or more) minutes purely to mindfulness

Find out more about how The Life Plan can help you on your journey with exercise, diet and more here.