What is The Life Plan?

The Life Plan was founded by fitness and nutrition experts Lucy and Amelia. Fed up with seeing so many fitness and nutrition fads, they want to deliver expert advice that you can trust.

Think of The Life Plan as a gym - but way better! We're totally online so you can access workouts at anytime and anywhere. Plus, you get whole lot more for your money.

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Online fitness

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  • online fitness

    Over 300 on-demand classes at your fingertips

    No matter your fitness level we have classes suited to you.

  • healthy eating
    Healthy Eating Guides

    Designed by Registered Dietitian Amelia, you'll get all the nutrition advice you need to live a healthy lifestyle.


    General wellbeing, yoga, meditation
    Focus on wellbeing

    Wellness is an active process of becoming more mindful. We harness this through restorative yoga and mental wellbeing workshops.

What's included?

The Life Plan focuses on three essential elements for good health. Fitness, nutrition and wellness. You will have access to the following:

  • Over 300 on-demand HIIT, Yoga and Pilates classes
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced HIIT workout programme cards
  • Running programme cards
  • Extensive exercise library demonstrating all exercises
  • Physiotherapy workshops
  • Mental wellbeing workshops
  • Healthy eating guides
  • Delicious recipes with nutritional information

Why choose The Life Plan?

Expert led

All of The Life Plan team are qualified and have extensive practical experience.


No fads here. We only use evidence-based, scientifically backed methods with proven results.


The Life Plan is designed to fit in around your lifestyle - accessible anytime, anywhere.

Fitness. Nutrition. Wellness

Read stories from our members, advice from our Life Plan team and stay up to date with all things fitness, nutrition and wellness.

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The Life Plan is designed to fit into your life and help you make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes to optimise overall wellbeing and good health. We recognise that this is your journey and hope you'll choose us to support and guide you through it.